Our Programmes

All our programmes strengthen anti-corruption and accountability actors

Participatory Governance & Social Accountability (PGSA)

The Participatory Governance and Social Accountability (PGSA) is a programme designed by TAC to respond to the international, regional, national and local demands to ensure that the citizens are part of affairs that affect their welfare. Aspects such as wider democratic processes and practices such as rights, elections, planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting on service delivery shall form the basis of this programme.

Programme Thematic Areas: Participatory governance, Budget advocacy and Service delivery monitoring. Participatory Governance and Budget Advocacy are two critical elements of good governance from the perspective of citizen engagement for effective service delivery.

Programme goal: To contribute to Good Governance, strengthened accountability systems/structures through citizen engagement for improved service delivery.

Programme target audiences: State and non-state accountability institutions, structures, civil society groups and citizens.

Anti-Corruption & Access to Justice (AA2J)

Corruption in Uganda is widespread and seen as one of the greatest obstacles to the country’s economic development as well as to the provision of quality public services. According to Transparency International’s Afro-barometer Survey of 2015[1], Uganda is the 139th most corrupt country among 167 countries sampled in the world. Corruption-related challenges in the country stem from a weak separation between the public and private spheres, leading to extensive client related practices and patronage, as well as widespread political corruption. Such corruption challenges are exacerbated by weak law enforcement, which fuels a culture of impunity, particularly with regards to high-ranking officials involved in corruption schemes. Over time, the face of corruption has been changing from individualistic based malpractices to highly organized syndicate corruption involving many players hence complicating dealing with corruption over time.

Programme Thematic Areas: Anticorruption campaigns, case documentation and management, referral and complaints support initiatives like focal point desk

Programme goal: To contribute to the fight against corruption, promote accountability and improve access to Justice

Programme target: State and non-state accountability institutions, structures, civil society groups and citizens.

Transparency International Afrobarometer Survey 2015